Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Only one change needed

So, for now the 5th game in a row the Raptors started off playing like shit. Philly it was a tight game until the 3rd and with Jersey, the Net's were actually up by about 7 or 8 at one point in the 1st. Cetlics/Milwaukee and now Orlando each got leads on the Raptors early. And up until this point, you could blame a few different things. Bosh had been playing just awful up until tonight. Bargnani all of a sudden looked like a cross between future all-star Bargnani and last November Bargnani. And I will admit, as frustrating as it was last night, tonight was just sad because it was at home, and I knew they were going to lose. I could just feel it. And I left the ACC disappointed and heading right back to the "Fire Mitchell" days one year ago.

BUT then everything went calm.

The answers that had been missing were found. I had now known exactly what was needed to be done. And I am quite sure that via this solution, we are back on track to being one of the best teams in the East. Cause currently we are not.

The solution?

Well let me ask you this? What so far has been different compared to last year?

We lost to Boston by one in OT, but if we stuck with last year, Boston is sitting at 1-1.
Orlando tonight was up by around 16, then the Raps came back and took a lead by one. It was a blast from the past that got the Raptors run going tonight.
Milwaukee....well, I don't know if anything would have stop the Bucks, that was just one of those nights.

What has changed this year and what I think we need to go back to is of course... Garbo.

It's like deja vu. Last year he is coming off the bench, Raptors are 2-8. He gets the starting spot, the Raptors win the Atlantic. It is pretty much common knowledge that if the guy is playing vs Jersey in the playoffs last year, the series would have been quite different.

And while I have no problem with getting Kapono for 5 million, at the time I did not see a reason to start someone else over Garbo. Just because PF is his natural position? He looked pretty good at SF so screw natural positions. Garbo brings the ball IQ, brings the D. brings the boards and can bring the 3's.

This is an absolute no brainer to me. Give Kapono the Kyle Korver role, let him be offense off the bench, but Garbo needs to get back into that starting lineup. And the sooner the better.

The solution to the problem is now very clear.

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