Saturday, November 3, 2007

Oh MY God

Not much time today to go over everything from last night. But you just know that I gotta mention a little sumthin sumthin about last nights ass kicking. Actually, I have a hard time calling it a "Ass Kicking" as it was much more beautiful then that. IT was one of the best performances from this Raptors team in the past 12 months. Hands down. You can hear the song and dance about how the Net's were not putting the energy into the game, that's BS. The simple reality is that the Raps are much much better then the Nets. Sure, I don't expect every game against the Nets to be a 30 point difference, last night was for sure a statement game, but there is no doubt that the Raps are really and truly a better team.

When will you silly fan boys realize that star players does not automatically equal great teams. Did Detroit teach us nothing?


They got the 2/3 for the week. Can we see 3 for 3? Boston fans get ready.

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