Sunday, November 4, 2007

That's what happens when you shoot around 27% for a half

No doubt about it, a lot of disappointment tonight. Ray Allen hit a 3 at the end of overtime to win it for the Celtics. Let me break down the good and bad for Toronto overall at this point...

-They won 2/3 this week which I said they needed to do.
- Ford played huge tonight, shooting the ball well. 3 threes!
- Bosh in the 4th for the first time this season looked like old school Bosh.
-The Raptors did not play well, but they still got the game into overtime and lost on a buzzer beater.

-They shot terrible in the first half and made many mistakes. Looking nervious perhaps.
-They could not contain Ray Allen.
-While they scored 17 points in overtime which is HUGE, they gave up 20
_A.P. had a terrible game on the offensive end.
-Bargnani shot 2 for 13.

Credit to Boston. Obviously, the defense has something to do with the missed shots and the turnovers that the Raptors had. But, I have no doubt that Toronto is the better team. It was just one of those nights where nothing went in and the Raps were always playing from behind. The fact that they got it into overtime and tied with 3 seconds left was a great accomplishment. That first half offensivly was just ugly for them.

My question for all of you though is simple...Can Boston's three players really play around 42 minutes a game all season? Because the only chance they have at winning is if all three play major major minutes.

I will add more tomorrow perhaps. But tonight was disappointing, but at the same time, Boston has gotten way too much overhype the past few months.


Ryan said...

You have no doubt that Toronto is the better team? Crazy talk.

Getting back into the game was no great accomplishment; it was a gift wrap from the refs who literally blew Toronto right back into the game. The C's dominated this game defensively, and if it weren't for the shaky officiating this game never goes to overtime.

Great performance by T.J. Ford, though. We had no answers for him.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Ryan on his comments. The refs were toronto's 6th and 7th man. They kept them in the game in the 4th more than anything the rap's did themselves.