Thursday, December 6, 2007

45 points!!!!

So if I keep listing the teams that the Raps blow out, I guess it’s only fair to list the reverse.

Teams that have blown the Raptors out

It’s hard to really be that upset over last nights game. I went to the ACC knowing full well that it was not going to be pretty, and for the first half of the game, the Raptors showed some potential. I mean, the Suns were still in complete control for the first 24 minutes, but at least at half time it was a 5 point game which was more then enough for me to hope for a miracle. Then the second half started. 45!!! Points in a quarter. That’s just crazy. It was overall a combo of Barbosa and Bell who just rained the threes at the worst possible times. Sure Amare had a good game too, but it was the three point shooting of Bell/Barbosa that killed us.

But let me also say that Steve Nash really is MVP material this year. He might not get the press because he does not have to do as much scoring this year as perhaps he had to the previous seasons, which Grant Hill on the team and Barbosa taking it up another level so far, but when Nash is in the game, the Suns are a well oiled machine. When Nash was out, that is when the Raps actually put together a few runs to make it interesting.

Ford looked good last night by the way. And him and Jose on the floor together, not in the final 2 minutes of a game, but for about 5-6 minutes covering the 3rd and 4th quarter was definetly an interesting move by the Mitchster.

Kapono, who has been on a solid streak of games, had his worst game as a Raptor last night. Deflino, while not looking bad, also had his worst game in the past 2-3 weeks last night. Now to be fair to Delfino, he didn’t play bad at all last night, just not as good as he has been playing.

So the question is if Bargnani and Bosh played, would the final result be different? Yes. The Raps would not have lost in the fashion that they did. But at this stage in the Raptors development, they still would have lost. Since the issue last night was completely defense related, the only thing Bargnani would have helped with would have been maybe grabbing one or two of those rebounds that the Suns got off their missed shots, as well as maybe having Amare missing one or two extra shots over the course of the game. But definetly Bargnani would not have helped enough on the Defensive end to make a big difference. Bosh, while not a 1st round defensive team player, would have made more of a difference on the defensive end. Enough though for the Raps to pull out the victory? Well since the Suns won the game from driving –kick-kick, I don’t think Bosh would have helped out stopping the three point shooters.

And here we are back to the same problem from a few weeks ago. Toronto’s perimeter defense as well as getting back in transition. The same issues from a few weeks ago.


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