Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Silly questions from Charlotte

Interesting tidbit from last night on Raptors TV gamenight. As they showed clips of the Raps destroying the Bobcats, that showed a clip of a reporter from Chartlotte ask Carlos Delfino a few questions after the game. Now here was a game where Bargnani and Ford did not play as well as Bosh, and where Delfino, Jose and Hump stepped up for the good guys. And this reporter asks Delfino “How long do you think you guys can keep this up without Bosh and Jorge Garbajosa?”. Now here is how you know when a reporter has zero clue what they are talking about. How will they hold up without Bosh and GARBO?? Geez, I don’t know but I am more worried about Bargnani and Ford then I am Garbo right now. Garbo, of course, wasn’t even on the court for a majority of the games he did suit up earlier this season. And let’s be honest here, I am a big supporter of Garbajosa, but in terms of importance, even last season I would put Ford above him and Bargnani at the same level. That was last year. This year even if Garbo was fully healthy and playing, I think Bragnani is still obviously the bigger, more important piece to the puzzle. But this reporter asks Delfino the question like Garbo is our number 2 guy to go down with an injury.

I guess the point is that we here in Toronto have moved on from thinking about Garbo’s injury. The fact that he didn’t play much this year made it easier. So when a reporter asks that question, it screams “that’s so 2 weeks ago”.

Another question I have here is why all the interviews on Gamenight for the Raps are done by the opposing teams reporters? For Cleveland’s game Bosh was interviewed by the Cavs broadcast team. I am going to keep my eye open to see if that’s a trend.

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